Elimination of moles?-Not difficult any more!

Published: 14th March 2012
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What are moles?

Moles are common among people. 'A melanocytic nevus' is a term given to skin moles, in medical world. They are not at all harmful and prove to be benign. They do not cause itching; in fact, they hardly bother. Not all moles may be present at birth. Moles tend to form as and when a person grows. In simple words, it is nothing but congenial growth on the human skin. Their color is dark.

Factors responsible for moles' formation

Skin moles are caused, when cells, named as 'Melanocytes', tend to grow collectively, rather than spreading separately. Heredity is one of the factors for these. Overexposure to the sun may lead to formation of these. Hormonal imbalance may also turn out to be the cause behind these. Perhaps you might be curious to know as to 'How to get rid of moles'. You will find answers as you move further.

What are cancerous moles?

Moles can be cancerous, but not all are. If a person has moles on his body and his family history is affected by skin cancer, then he has to take extra care, because there is more possibility that he will develop more moles, that may cause skin cancer. Dysplastic moles cause melanoma cancer, which is rare type of skin cancer. When moles suddenly change their characteristics, such as sudden change in color etc, it's an indication, that consultation with the doctor is must.

Is it possible to remove these?

The answer to that question is 'Yes'. With simple remedies, it can be removed. Using castor oil can be very helpful. Mole can be vanished by placing slices of pineapples on the area. Make a lotion using honey and flax seed oil and apply it on affected areas. Before applying homemade remedies, we have to take into consideration that, they take some time to show actual results. Hence, one can see good results with proper patience. Due to advancement in the medical field, there are a lot of creams and other products available in the market. Since these are not time-consuming and prove to be effective, people prefer these to natural remedies. A day may come, when the person will find them disappeared.

If the person can not wait to get the results, then he may opt to remove them using surgical procedures. Some people try to get the moles off themselves, but fear that it will leave scars on their faces. Size of the mole decides size of scar. Hence, a certified doctor is required. When it comes to removing moles skillfully and without leaving any scars, it is none other than a dermatologist. But it is required that before you take any decision, you are needed to consult a doctor, as surgery may cause infection, and even nerve damage in some cases. Moreover, these procedures involve huge cost. They are mainly expensive and many people find them beyond their financial capacity.


Moles, as mentioned above, are not at all dangerous. They do not have to be mandatorily removed. However, they may cause social embarrassment to some people. This might lead to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Some cultures in the world consider moles to be beauty marks, provided they appear on certain spots of the body. Everybody wants to be perfect. But, a simple question has to be answered first, is it not the greed for perfection responsible to make us lose our uniqueness?

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