Natural Mole Removal: Natural way for a clear skin

Published: 14th March 2012
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If you get to choose a way to heal, prevent and get rid of some bodily disorder and skin blemishes, you would certainly choose something natural. If there is an irritation due to mole, a natural mole removal would be the best way to get rid of it. However, there are some issues concerning this method, that prevent you from using this technique. The best way to feel at ease with your decisions, is to know everything there is, to know about a natural mole removal.

There are two methods by which it is possible for natural moles removal. First are the home remedies, done to remove the mole and next, those products sold over the counter with natural ingredients used to remove moles. Both claim to be effective, it is just a matter of how long it takes to remove the mole, that made the difference.

Top 3 home remedies mole removal

1. Natural mole removal using Castor Oil
Castor oil is the most established and the most popular way to remove mole naturally. This procedure does not result to scarring that is likely to occur in surgical and topical mole removal applications. The technique is done by direct application of the castor oil to the mole using cotton. This process is repeated two to four times a day, in an unknown duration, until the mole is completely gone.

2. Baking Soda natural mole removal.

While using baking soda as a natural mole removal, you also need to use castor oil. The idea is to create a paste and apply it on the mole. The paste could comprise half and half of these two main ingredients. It is very important to keep everything clean.

3. Natural Mole Removal with Onion Juice.
The onion juice you are using in this method, must be freshly squeezed. Apply the onion juice directly using cotton bud on the mole. Keep the extra juice in the refrigerator. Repeat this three times each day. Do not use the onion juice, if it lost its strength. You need to squeeze another onion for its juice to continue the procedure.

There are more ways to remove the mole naturally aside from the three ways mentioned above. If you can see some changes on your mole like it is shrinking with some tingling sensation then the method is working well. There may be some irritation at minimal level. If you feel pain or if your mole grew with some inflammation then you need to call medical attention at once. Home remedies for natural mole removal are alternative way to remove mole, if you do not want to buy OTC products. What is so good with this, is that you are sure there are no chemical side effects. However, this is a very slow process to remove the mole. It takes great faith to wait and see if this really works.

4. Over the Counter Natural Mole Removal
For a faster result with no side effects, topical natural mole removal products are also available Over-the-counter. These natural mole removal procedure using OTC products promise to remove the mole faster. These products might be more expensive. They can remove the mole quicker in zero side effect.

However, both natural mole removal are still slow in giving the needed result and cannot claim 100% mole free skin. If you want to have 100% mole free skin, you can always go through surgery. If you find any abnormal reaction in your mole, you must call medical attention quickly.

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