Use Simple Juices To Eliminate Those Moles

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Published: 30th July 2012
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There are so many outstanding natural mole removal methods out there. But doctors might not be supporting this theory. There really is no need to worry that the moles could give you cancer risks if they do not display any changes or abnormalities and they don't even grow in number. But any abnormal or unusual changes in the shape, size or even the number should warn you that something bad may happen in the future. This is when you must get those skin moles removed. If you notice even the slightest change in the color of the moles or other similar changes, do not hesitate to go to a skin doctor or a dermatologist.

Naturally, there are some things that you should have on hand when you are going to remove your skin moles. Examples of these items include some baking soda, juices of garlic or onion, apple cider vinegar, and of course, some bandages. How should you use the apple cider vinegar in removing moles? Have some cotton balls on hand. Make sure they are sterilized. Then dip a cotton ball into the vinegar to soak it. Then directly place it on the area affected. In order to have a good effect, bandage is then placed over the cotton ball. This ball is changed every day. This is done for around one month. Afterwards, you may notice the results that you want. Slight scarring will be present at times. But natural methods really come with the risk of scarring.

Honey is also a very effective product to be used in mole removal. For maybe 15 to 30 minutes, you can let honey remain on the moles. There is no fear of allergies when honey is used because it has safe components. Hence you can place it for a very long time on the skin. Afterwards, use warm water to wash it all off. Make it a point to use only lukewarm water. Application should be done regularly until such time that the moles are no more. This need not be applied on moles near the hair, as honey might cause graying of hair in some people. Rubbing pineapple juice on the skin moles at least four times a day could also work wonders and make the moles fade away. Small pineapple chunks or slices can even be rubbed directly on the moles. If possible, you can prepare the pineapple juice and then apply it directly on moles. These remedies will not cause charring of skin. There will be some scarring, but nothing too noticeable.

if you choose to apply baking soda, there are certain phases or steps to be followed. If you are to mix castor oil with baking soda, it should be limited to half a teaspoon only of the baking soda. Make sure you only use about 5 drops of castor oil. This is then applied to the affected area. If you wish, you can just place a bandage on the moles after applying oil and baking soda mixture. Apply this at night so you can let the bandage remain there overnight. The bandage can be removed in the morning when you wash off the mixture from the skin. To get the desired results, keep up this treatment for about one month.

Many have tried these home remedies and claim they worked wonderfully. The fact that they do not cause side effects is a huge reason why they are preferred by many people. Surgery is also an option to have moles removed, especially if the moles are found to be cancerous.

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